Chuck Glider

Registration is now open.

Prizes Worth 5,000 INR

1st Prize: 3,000 INR

2nd Prize: 2,000 INR

Date:26-27 Jan 2018

Venue: Sahyadri College, Mangalore


  • 1. Event is restricted for Individual (No team registration)

  • 2. Any lightweight materials can be used (No Metals are allowed)

  • 3. Maximum of 2 attempts per person and the best of 2 will be considered in prelims.

  • 4. Teams must bring their own models. Ready-made kits are strictly prohibited.

  • 5. Maximum wing span of 500 mm.

  • 6. The range, safe landing, innovation and endurance of the gliders are taken into consideration.

  • 7. Gliders must be thrown into the air using only hand power. Catapult and power driven motors are not allowed

  • 8. The maximum time of gliding & distance will be considered. (No other factor will be taken in to consideration)

  • 9. Each participant is allowed 2 attempts. Each participant should have a spare glider (identical) and ready in the event that one fails or gets broken. The contestant will have the spare glider to continue the 2nd attempt, OR the contestant can decide to go for the 2nd attempt and try to achieve a better score. The spare glider should be identical.

  • 10. There will be no sharing of the flying models during the event and participants who comes barehanded or borrowed model entries will be disqualified including those contestants who allowed their models to be utilized by others in the competition. All gliders must have their names and school written clearly on the wing of the glider.



D=Distance travelled by the plane in meter
G=Gliding time in seconds

Contacts :

Nanda Kumar : 8277142455