Registration is now open.

Prizes Worth 5,000 INR

1st Prize: 2,500 INR

2nd Prize: 1,500 INR

3rd Prize: 1,000 INR

Date:26-27 Jan 2018

Venue: Sahyadri College, Mangalore


  • The competitors should register their names in reg. desk and should collect their unique id cards.

  • Id card contains a code which is not transverse.

  • Any type of Cameras can be used.

  • The photographs should be in JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format. RAW format is not allowed.

  • No editing should be done on Photo's.

  • 3 best photos should be mailed to with their secret id card Code as subject. Kindly do not display your name

Contacts :

Ajay Krishnan : 8296371442