Paper Plane

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Prizes Worth 5,000 INR

1st Prize: 3,000 INR

2nd Prize: 2,000 INR

Date:26-27 Jan 2018

Venue: Sahyadri College, Mangalore


  • The competition consists of 3 rounds.

  • The 1st round is the qualifying round where a qualifying line will be drawn at a distance of 8m and the participant needs to fly the paper plane such that it crosses that line or else disqualified.

  • Once you clear the qualifying round consecutively your longest distance would be calculated and points would be credited accordingly.

  • The 2nd round is the ring round where the participant should attempt to fly their paper plane through the ring and bonus of 20 would be credited if did so.

  • The 3rd round is the time lag round where the participant is given a chance to deform their design and fly it so that it stays in air for long time, based on the time lag points would be credited.

  • The points will be totalled based on the participants performance.

  • For all the rounds participants needs to fly the paper plane within the boundaries provided.

Contacts :

Meghana N Shetty : 9902362671