Water Rocket

Registration is now open.

Prizes Worth 5,000 INR

1st Prize: 3,000 INR

2nd Prize: 2,000 INR

Date : 26-27 Jan 2018

Venue: Sahyadri College, Mangalore


    Round 1:

  • In this round the rocket should travel max distance (Range).

  • The score will be calculated using the formula given below:
    Total points=(Max Distance )/(Time taken)

  • Round 2:

  • In this round the rocket launched should hit area marked at a distance of 90m.

  • The target area will be in circular shape with three regions.

  • Inner most region of diameter 10 m (30 points ).

  • Middle region of diameter 20m (20points).

  • Outer most region of diameter 30m (10 point ).

  • RULES:

  • Water rockets can have multiple stages. Parachute, gliding and other mechanical launching mechanism are allowed. Booster mechanism can be used.

  • Electronic components and chemical components can’t be used.

  • Volume of rocket must be less than 2.5L.

  • Working fluid is water.

  • Foot pumps will be provided by the organizers , please check the size of the nozzle in the launcher.

  • Two trails will be provided in each rounds.

Contacts :

Nikhil : 9526676643

Ajay Krishnan: 9656654804